Subway Wrap Menu With Updated Prices [March 2024]

We all know that Subway is one of the most popular quick-serving restaurants in the world. It has various customizable sandwiches, salads, and Subway wraps with different tastes.

If you are looking for light and delicious meals quickly, look no further than Subway Wraps. The wrap comes with a variety of mouthwatering flavors and fresh ingredients.

Today, in this article, we will dive into the world of Subway wraps and explore their menu options and affordable prices. Read on to know the latest prices of the Subway wrap menu, updated in March 2024.

Subway Wrap Menu List

Subway provides a lot of delicious wraps, and you can choose your favorite one from this. Here, we have explained a few of them.

Classic Subway Wrap

Classic Subway wraps have various wraps to satisfy your taste, from chicken Caesar wrap, turkey wrap, and veggie wrap to cheese wrap, all packed with delicious flavors.

Chicken Caesar Wrap
IngredientsGrilled chicken, parmesan cheese, lettuce, Caesar and wrapped with tomato basil tortilla
Nutrition370 Calories
Veggie Delite Wrap
IngredientsFresh lettuce, Tomatoes, green peppers, Cucumbers, Spinach, Onions and Provolone cheese in a Spinach tortilla
Nutrition240 Calories
Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese Wrap
IngredientsThinly sliced steak, Monterey cheddar, Lattice, Tomatoes, Onions, Green peppers and Chipotle south-west sauce in a tomato basil wrap
Nutrition580 Calories

All these wrappers contain freshly baked bread, premium quality roasted meats, sliced vegetables, and a variety of tasty sauces. This Subway Wrap Menu was perfect for a satisfying launch and dinner.

Subway Signature Wrap

If You want more flavors on your menu, then this Subway Signature Wrap is for you; it comes with different bold ingredients to give you a delicious taste. You can easily enjoy the tasty steak and cheese wrap, or if you want more kick in your taste, you can go for a spicy Italian wrap.

Some subway signature wraps, which you must try –

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Wrap
IngredientsGrilled chicken strips tossed in teriyaki sauce, Shredded lettuce, Tomatoes, Red onions, Cucumbers, Sweet onion sauce, Honey wheat wrap
Nutrition550 Calories
Chipotle Chicken Avocado Wrap
IngredientsRoasted chicken, Bacon lettuce, Monterey cheddar, Tomatoes, Green peppers, and Chipotle sauce wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla
Nutrition700 Calories
Spicy Italian wrap
IngredientsSliced pepperoni, Salami, Monterey cheddar, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Green peppers and Chipotle sauce wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla
Nutrition820 Calories
Steak & Cheese Wrap
IngredientsThinly sliced steak, Sliced onions, bell peppers (optional), Provolone cheese, Steak sauce, Large flour tortilla
Nutrition570 Calories

This signature wrap is made to give customers a unique taste and to make them happy.

Plant-Based and Vegetarian Diets

Many are Vegetarians or Vegans and want plant-based Wraps with no meat but lots of flavors. Subway created this plant-based vegetarian wrap for them, with Vegetables, Plant-based meatballs, and marinara sauce. This wrap is also best for those who want to add more vegetables to their diet.

Some of the most popular veggie Subway wraps are:

Veggie Delite Wrap
IngredientsFresh lettuce, Tomatoes, Green peppers, Cucumbers, Spinach, Onions, Provolone cheese and Wrapped with spinach tortilla
Nutrition250 Calories
Veggie Patty Wrap
IngredientsLettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Green peppers, Cucumbers, Spinach, Italian herbs, Cheese sauce, and Spinach wrap
Nutrition300 Calories
Avocado Veggie Wrap
IngredientsFresh avocado, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red onions, Spinach, Green peppers, Provolone cheese, Cheese sauce, Italian herbs and Tomato basil tortilla
Nutrition400 Calories

Create Your Own Wrap

One of the best things about Subway is creating your wrap according to your taste and diet preference. There are different types of bread, protein, vegetables, and sauces to choose from that are perfect for you. Whether you like classic flavors or bold flavors, there is something for you that suits your taste.

Follow these simple steps to build your perfect wrap:

  1. Choose your wrap bread between tomato basil or spinach tortilla.
  2. Include protein, like – oven-roasted chicken, roast beef, turkey, ham, steak, tuna, and veggie patty. (If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can skip this step)
  3. Select your cheese from American, Monterey cheddar, pepper jack, provolone, or Swiss.
  4. Add veggies, like – lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, spinach, banana peppers, jalapenos and more.
  5. Toast it to get an extra warm and crunchy flavor.

Subway Wrap Menu Prices

We all know that Subway is not only known for its wide variety of options and delicious flavors but also its affordability. They offer a wide range of options from lower to higher budgets to enjoy your meal without spending too much money.

Here are the Subway Wrap Menu Prices of 2024

All-American Clubâ„¢$8.19
Baja Chicken & Bacon$9.50
Baja Steak & Jack$10.80
Black Forest Ham$9.49
Buffalo Chicken$9.49
Chipotle Chicken Avocado$6.99
Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese$7.99
Chicken & Bacon Ranch$9.49
Cold Cut Combo$8.00
Italian B.M.T.$9.50
Meatball Marinara$6.49
Oven Roasted Chicken$6.49
Oven Roasted Turkey$9.50
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham$9.50
Roast Beef$7.99
Rotisserie-Style Chicken$6.49
Spicy Italian$6.49
Steak & Cheese$7.99
Subway Club®$9.73
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$6.49
Turkey, Bacon & Guacamole$6.99
Turkey Breast$6.49
Turkey Italiano$9.09
Veggie Delite$5.99
Veggie Patty$9.50

Subway Gluten-Free Wraps

If you have gluten-related dietary restrictions but want to enjoy the delicious wrap flavor, Subway created a gluten-free wrap, especially for people like you.

The gluten-free wraps are made without Wheat, barley, ray, and triticale, and they provide an alternative to traditional wheat-based wraps and accommodate individuals with gluten intolerance.

You can also create gluten-free wraps as per your preference and taste. Subway has a diverse range of wraps according to your dietary needs to meet your requirements, gluten-free wraps being one of them.

Try Subway wraps Today

Its wide variety of wraps includes proteins, vegetables, sauces, and flavors to suit every taste. Whether you want classic traditional flavors or bold signature flavors, subway wraps provide you as per your customized preferences, and most importantly, they all come at affordable prices.

So, What are you waiting for? Visit now and order some mouthwatering delicious wraps for launch or dinner to experience a perfect balance of taste, quality, and flavor that will make you remember to return.

Always Remember, when it comes to delicious wraps at affordable prices, Subway is the best!


Subway wraps are best for someone looking for a quick, fresh, and tasty meal at an affordable price. With a wide range of options, from classic wraps to bold signature wraps or from plant-based vegetarian/vegan wraps to non-vegetarian wraps, Subway has something per everyone’s preferences.

That said, Subway has something for everyone in their wide range of wraps collection. Still, if you want to try something new or unique, you can use their customization options to customize your wraps according to your preference, taste, and flavor.

Above, we have discussed all the information related to the Subway Wrap Menu, including their prices, varieties, and calories. If you think we missed something, comment below, and we will add it in our next update.

So, why wait? Go to your nearest Subway restaurant and order your favorite yummy wraps. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Subway wraps come in one standard size. But in some locations, they may offer double wraps for customers who want a larger portion. It’s always best to check in your local Subway to see what they offer: double or single wraps.

The main difference between wraps and sandwiches at Subway is the types of bread they use.

Wraps – Use a Flatbread tortilla, typically made from flour and water. This bread is thinner and more flexible than traditional Sandwich bread.

Sandwiches – Use Sliced bread, which comes in various varieties like wheat, Italian, and honey oats.

Subway offers no pre-made vegan wraps, but you can create Vegan-friendly wraps using their customizable menu.

Veggie Delite: This wrap comes with all vegetarian ingredients, and you can make it fully vegan by omitting non-vegan items like cheese and mayonnaise.

Create Your Own Wrap: You can create your own customized vegan wrap by choosing vegan-friendly breads like spinach wrap, tomato basil wrap, or any other vegan bread options available in your location. Select all vegetable fillings and add vegan sauces & condiments to create an entirely vegan wrap.

In a simple answer, wraps are not healthier options than Subs in Subway. Here’s the breakdown:

Wraps: Typically contain more calories and fat than subs on whole-grain bread, even though the wrap itself comes smaller. This is because Subway uses double meat portions in wraps compared to subs.

Subs: The whole grain bread option for sub provides more fiber, fewer calories, and fat than a wrap.

Yes, absolutely! Subway was known for its extensive customization options. You can create your personalized wrap by adding various proteins, cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and condiments to suit your taste and calorie preferences.

There are several ways to know the nutritional information of any specific wrap at Subway.

  • First, visit the official Subway website.
  • Navigate to the “Menu” section, where you will find the “Wraps” category.
  • Click on the specific wrap you’re interested in.
  • There, you will find all the nutritional information of that wrap, like calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, sodium, and other relevant nutrients.

You can do the same in the Subway app to check nutrients or go to your nearest Subway to check nutritional information, which is written on their posters or brochures.

Yes, some ingredients in Subway wraps may be allergens. So, checking the allergen information before ordering is essential, especially if you have allergies or sensitivities.